“Inspiring…Chad’s life is an incredible story of destiny and purpose… His book is a must read.” – John C. Maxwell

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Chad Varga has inspired more than 4 MILLION PEOPLE throughout all 50 states and across 4 continents, through school assembly programs, corporate keynotes, and professional development seminars for educators.


Chad’s “Bounce Experience” assemblies produce real and lasting change in students’ hearts by providing them a vivid example of someone who overcame an upbringing surrounded by addiction, abuse, bullying, and neglect to achieve more than anyone thought possible. The stories and lessons are dynamic and unforgettable.


Chad Varga is an expert on resiliency. His unforgettable story has made him one of the most in demand corporate keynote speakers today. His clients list includes Fortune 500 Companies, Entrepreneurs, Universities, and Professional Athletes.


Chad offers unique insight on how to connect with today’s students and make a real difference as leaders in their lives. He will inspire, challenge, and remind your team how vital their role is, while reigniting their passion for teaching and the larger purpose of their work.

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BOUNCE: Down is Inevitable, Up is a Choice

In this celebrated book, Chad Varga takes you on a raw and unforgettable journey from a traumatic childhood ruled by poverty, abuse and an alcoholic, drug-addicted parent to a professional basketball career and beyond. The journey does not end with the story as Chad then leads you back through the specific traits that ultimately allowed him to rise above all the pain and adversity to achieve his dreams. 


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Throughout my teens I was often reminded that I would never reach my dreams unless I continued improving in every aspect of my being. There was no room to regress into know-it-all mode or into some sort of arrogance that I already had everything it took to succeed.  The......

One of my biggest challenges growing up was learning to own the life I’d been given. That may sound like a no-brainer to those of you that have heard my story. After all, I had no choice in all the experiences of those early years.......

Most people want to get more of their lives. They talk about reaching their dreams, but often times simply don’t know how to make them happen. I’ve had the opportunity to be around many successful people, and have watched first hand how they moved from......

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