Educator Endorsements




What teachers and administrators are saying about Chad…

“With 52,000 FFA members in attendance for our “Living the Legacy” National Convention–I have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our guests on your speech. Our members loved you–you had them mesmerized! I believe that lives were changed as thousands of high school students left the session with a renewed outlook on their future.”

Nicole Bishop, National FFA Organization

“During my 30 plus years in education I’ve never seen an audience as riveted by a speaker. You are the best speaker I’ve ever had and have been recommending you to all the principals I know.”
Robert, Principal, Pennsylvania
I recommend Chad Varga with great enthusiasm, completely assured that he will change, impact, influence, and make a definite difference in the lives of our youth throughout America.”
Sylvester, Assistant Principal, Florida
“In all of my years at NLAHS, we have never had anyone connect with our students like you did during your motivational talk, they were still talking about your visit several weeks after you had gone.”
Michael, Principal, Florida
Chad Varga is the most outstanding speaker I’ve ever heard. He had our students spellbound for 45 minutes. The students were in awe of his life story. Don’t miss an opportunity to have this dynamic speaker for your students.”
Mary, Principal, Georgia
“No speaker has ever held the attention of our students like you did today. I was concerned that it would be difficult to hold the attention of so many students, but you had them spellbound with the honest way in which you told your story. You made a lasting impression that our students will never forget.”
Joyce, Assistant Principal, Texas
“I’ve been in education for nearly 40 years and I unequivically state that Mr. Chad Varga left an impression  unlike anything I have ever seen from a speaker.  His words deeply touched the hearts of my students and staff – Every school in America needs to hear his message.”
Bob, Principal, Ohio
” Chad Varga is a gifted communicator.  He had our entire student body of nearly 4,000 students captivated in a hot gymnasium for almost an hour.  My students and staff were hanging on his every word.”
Jackie, H.S. Principal, Minnesota
“Thank you for speaking to our middle and high school students today.  Our entire school was moved by your story. We will never forget your message that “Down is Inevitable and Up is a Choice.”  
Jonathon, principal, Colorado
“Your message on the importance of having a dream was right in line with what my staff and I try to instill in our students.  Hope is a powerful thing, and I want you to know that you are changing the world one school at a time.”
Sonya, Principal, Maryland
“I have never seen anyone connect with students the way you did today at our school. The impact you made was real and will last for years to come
Anne, Principal, West Virginia
“Wow!! I just wanted you to know that you received rave reviews from the students and faculty here.  Our students were incredibly inspired and moved by your words of motivation and encouragement.  They were captivated by your contemporary approach to achievement.  I have to say that you are by far the best motivational speaker we have ever had.  ”
Amber, Principal, Rhode Island
“Thank you for your presentation to our school last Monday.  Our students and faculty have not stopped talking about you.  Your connection with them was evident as I watched hundreds of my students line up afterwards to talk to you.  I’m convinced that they have taken your message to heart and understand that their success in life is more dependent on their choices rather than the circumstances they may face.  Thank you Chad.  We will never forget you.”
Charles, Principal, Arkansas
“Thank you Chad Varga.  Thank you for your authenticity.  Thank you for your passion to help students.  Thank you for being be so transparent and real.  You are one of a kind and are making a huge difference in the lives of students everywhere.  I’m so glad my students and staff were able to hear your message of hope and what it takes to overcome adversity.”
Linda, Principal, South Carolina
“Every year for the last 10 years I’ve brought in a motivational speaker to encourage my students and teachers. You are by far the best we’ve ever had.  The impact you made in just 45 minutes blew my mind.   I had tears in my eyes several times during your presentation as I watched a gymnasium full of my students hang on your every word.  We can’t wait to dig deeper into your content and implement your ELA curriculum with our 10th graders. Thanks again for coming and we look forward to having you back next year.” 
Clint,  Assistant Principal, Alabama
“Chad Varga’s presentation at our high school and middle school was exactly what we had been seeking for our students.  It was a presentation of hope, it was about overcoming adversity, it was a tool that can help each of our students as they themselves try to overcome the obstacles that life has put in their path.  Chad’s sincerity shines through when he speaks to the groups and when he speaks to individuals.  He is a difference maker.”
David Todd,  Principal, Indiana