Corporate Keynotes

Chad Varga, one of the most in-demand speakers today, is an expert on resiliency.  His unforgettable story has made him the preeminent authority on how to overcome change, adversity and seemingly insurmountable circumstances and bounce back stronger than ever before to achieve and sustain success.


His clients list includes Fortune 500 Companies, Entrepreneurs, Educators, College & Professional Athletes, Students, and individuals with one thing in common: they understand that success in business is not just about reaching your goals and getting what you want.  There must be an intentional focus to handle set-backs and unforeseen adversity to end up wiser, stronger, and more focused than ever before.


Chad knows first hand the power that attitude, persistence, and resolve play in your future success – especially when life doesn’t go as planned.  So much so that Chad’s most recent book is entitled: “BOUNCE: Down is Inevitable, Up is a Choice.” After only a few minutes in the audience, you will comprehend why numerous organizations have called on Chad to inspire and solidify their culture in times of surplus and deficit.