Don’t QUIT

It’s something I seem to encounter all the time.  I want to quit.  Just last night, only two weeks into a commitment I made to eating healthier, I laid in bed and tried to convince myself that one bowl of ice cream wouldn’t affect my goal of getting back in shape. Fortunately, I found some will power and was able to talk myself out of giving in. Now I’m on day fifteen, and I’m so happy I didn’t give in to those temporary feelings and I’m one step closer to seeing this thing through to completion.

The truth is, for me, quitting is not just limited to eating healthy, it seems to come up at one time or another in every area of my life. If you’re honest, it happens to you too. There are times we want to give up on our job, our school, our marriage, our friendships, our workouts, or even God.  It’s just the way life is. The want to quit is and will continually be an easy option for all of us.  To make things worse, society is changing. We’re surrounded more and more by people that encourage us to take the easy way out, wave the white flag, find a shortcut, after all you don’t want to stress yourself out.

What these people are failing to tell you is that there is a major difference between reaching your goals and the work that is demanded to accomplish it. Everything of lasting value requires work. Hard work. One of my favorite proverbs says “Hard work ALWAYS pays off.”  It doesn’t mean that your goal will be reached overnight, but what it does guarantee is that if you continue to put in the work and don’t quit, eventually you will see positive results.

Often times, there is a long distance between beginning to pursue your goal and seeing it realized. Throughout my life I’ve seen this played out over and over, and I’m convinced that the life’s greatest lessons are learned when we refuse to quit. Your character is always tested in these moments but that’s what makes life great. The grind is so worth it and rewarding when your goal is finally reached.  Question: Have you been thinking about quitting something?  Leave me a comment below on why you’re going to keep going?