The Chad Varga Company

The Chad Varga Company (CVC) exists to inspire others to overcome any adversity, exceed their potential, and achieve their dreams and more. The company is founded on the premise that every life matters and every dream matters, regardless of past or present circumstances.

The roots of CVC reach back to the life of its founder, Chad Varga, who grew up in an abusive, drug-infested home painted with poverty and neglect. The lessons he learned in overcoming not only his surroundings but also the proclivity to reproduce the addictive, abusive lifestyle modeled before him for eighteen years are the bedrock of what we teach. We sum these lessons up in the word “Bounce” and the phrases “Down is inevitable. Up is a choice.”

These vital life and character lessons are for students, for business leaders, for entrepreneurs, for educators, for athletes and for parents. Our focus has always been on the next generation and therefore we spend most of our time with students and those who can have a positive influence on their lives. The lessons and tools we offer, however, are transcendent. As such, we believe it is never too early, or too late, to apply them and change the future of a life, a school, an organization, or a family.

Welcome to the Chad Varga Company, where adversity is defeated and dreams are achieved.