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What corporate leaders are saying about Chad…

“I’ve never seen someone engage the audience like Chad Varga…  He is so genuine and it is amazing what he has overcome.  If you are looking for someone to speak to your staff or corporation about how to overcome adversity and do whatever it takes to be successful – Chad Varga is the speaker for you.  I guarantee that your team will walk away from hearing Chad speak with a feeling that they can get anything done.”
Gina Moore, IRA Services Trust Company, CA
“My partner and I brought Chad in as the main keynote speaker for our annual Innovate Conference.  The feedback we have received from attendees has been overwhelming.  They loved Chad and said he was by far the best speaker they’ve ever heard.  I’ve had several people tell me personally that their life was genuinely impacted because of the 45 minutes of listening to Chad.  I highly recommend you hiring Chad Varga to speak at your event.”
Anthony Geraci, Managing Shareholder, Geraci LLP, Irvine, CA
“Just finished listening to Chad Varga… He rocked the house.  Specifically, he hit me between the eyes when he talked about businesses that are in transition.  His timing was right on point and I recommend his services to everyone.”
Romney Navarro, CMO, Noble Capital, Austin, TX

“Chad Varga is an unbelievable speaker. His message on choosing to overcome adversity to expand your business and life has impacted my life greatly. “

Bill Fairburn, Carolina Capital Management, NC
“I heard Chad Varga speak today and I have to say that it was very inspirational. I think more than anything it was very authentic.  Chad makes you realize what you have to be grateful for, and that you do have the ability to be resilient and bounce back up from whatever life or business throws at you.”
Dean Quiambao , Partner, Armanino LLP, San Francisco, CA
“Chad Varga was so engaging.  He message was eye opening.  The takeaways I have from his keynote have completely changed my perspective on what it takes to succeed.  I highly recommend him for every business.”
Dina Kroshkin, Vice President, CU Business Group, Vancouver, WA
“Chad Varga’s keynote was fantastic.  It was so delightful to hear a guy that can blend passion and business.  He hits you in the heart and at the same time motivates you for profit and purpose.  It’s been real special to see what Chad does and I think everyone should take the opportunity to bring him in to speak at your conference or to your team.”
Justin Brogna, COO, Thrive Lending, Austin, TX
“I recently had the opportunity to chad speak and share his story.  He was so inspiring and I appreciated his approach on how to overcome adversity in life and in business.  Businesses are constantly changing and as business owners we need tools to address that change.  His content on mental focus and surrounding yourself with the right people was fresh and on time.”
Michael Schumacher, President, Enact Partners, Carlsbad, CA
“Chad’s message was amazingly inspirational.  For business, his story really touched my heart and made we want to give back, find a purpose and to really have that deeper “Why” on what we’re doing all this for.  He really made me want to step out of my comfort zone to make an impact with all I’ve been given. I highly recommend him.  His message will change your life.”
Max, CEO & Owner, Optimist Capital
“What a privilege it was to hear Chad Varga speak today. His story was very impactful and really touched home for me.  Chad’s passion and genuine approach is extremely inspiring and motivational.  I highly recommend him.”
Aaron Roth, Principal, Enact Partners, Carlsbad, CA
“Chad Varga has a magnetic personality and his story is absolutely inspirational. I truly recommend him to speak at your event.”
Scott Liming, Owner, Iron Oak Home Loans, San Francisco, CA
“I’ve never done this before, but I was compelled to do so in this case.  In over 40 years in sales and marketing, I’ve never written a recommendation letter for a speaker.  I’ve attended many, many conferences over that time and heard some pretty good presentations, but none as well done as Chad Varga delivered to our NAFIC convention last week.  I’ve been on the board of NAFIC for 7 years and Chad was our highest rated speaker EVER.  We had about 300 attendees.  His talk, through no fault of his own, extended into their lunch hour, though no one left… he had them spellbound.  After he spoke, the line to personally meet him and get an autograph in his book, lasted nearly three hours.  That’s never happened at one of our meetings, ever.  If you’re in a position to hire a speaker, please consider Chad Varga, you will not be disappointed.  By the way, this note was unsolicited and unknown to Chad.  I was just that touched by his powerful story.  Everyone should hear it!”
David Zerhusen, Board Member NAFIC, Cincinnati, OH Area