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He should have been a statistic but instead he beat insurmountable odds and every obstacle before him to become a highly decorated professional basketball player. Then, at the height of his career with contracts guaranteeing financial security for him and his family, he left it all to pursue a greater purpose: helping others achieve their dreams no matter the odds and obstacles before them.


Today, Chad is the founder of the Chad Varga Company, and has established a national reputation as a communication expert who has an undeniable ability to relate with audiences of all backgrounds.  He is the author of two celebrated books:  “BOUNCE: Down Is Inevitable, Up Is A Choice,” and “If You Only Knew.” He and his wife Kristie are the proud parents of two incredible children, their son Cameron, and daughter Kiersten.

Chad Varga Goalcast Video (1 Million + Views)

Former professional basketball player Chad Varga shares how fighting off his mother’s abusive boyfriend gave him the strength to take on life and win.

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