Possible Keeps Getting Younger

A while back the Huffington Post released an article that featured young people who accomplished some amazing things. The list includes:

• An 18-year old who passed the bar exam and became the youngest lawyer in the history of the United Kingdom: Read more here

• A homeless 19-year old who started an online campaign to raise money so he could attend his dream school; he not only raised enough for himself, the funds were so great he started an organization that helps others pay for tuition at their dream college: Read more here

• A 15-year old who built a $3.5 million dollar technology company in two years—he was 13 when he started it: Read more here

• An 11-year old who became the youngest student to attend Texas Christian University: Read more here

• A 10-year old who runs a candle company with her dad and is Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur: Read more here

The next time anyone tells you your dream is impossible, remind them that “possible”keeps getting younger every year. Another way to look at it is that the list of impossibilities continues to shrink. Keep chasing your dream. Age is just a number.