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    Bounce Experience. One glimpse at the students’ faces as Chad speaks says it all. Their eyes are locked on his every move. Their ears are hanging on his every word. There is no talking, no movement. Often there are tears. Chad’s “Bounce Experience” provides your students and staff with the most captivating, life-changing assembly available today.

    Topics include:

    • BOUNCE: Down is Inevitable, Up is a Choice
    • How to Make Your Dream a Reality
    • Relationships: Show Me Your Friends and I’ll Show You Your Future
    • Bullying: What it Really Looks Like and the Very Real Consequences
    • Excuses Are a Sign of Weakness
    • Average: Your Greatest Enemy
    • Hard Work Always Pays Off
    • Respect for Authority and the Opposite Sex
    • Attitude: the One Thing You Can Control
    • Standardized Testing: Staying Motivated for Success

    and many more…