Call Out Your Excuses

Boxing glovesOne of the keys to bouncing back from adversity is accepting responsibility for your future, in thick and thin. That doesn’t mean you remain where you are. And it doesn’t mean you downplay negative circumstances or act like you enjoyed every moment you’ve been alive. What it does mean is that you reach a point where you stand firm and assert, “Nobody but me can make something of my life.” It’s ultimately an admission that you have no excuse for not giving your all to be successful.

In the end, excuses are a sign of weakness. We all have reasons—some of them very legitimate reasons—to stop pursuing our dreams. I must have had a couple thousand before I reached middle school. So did Wendy and my mom and dad. You might too. But you can’t let your reasons for quitting dumb down your desire to succeed. Instead of spending time finding excuses, spend time finding ways to improve.

There is a critical difference between acknowledging your potential excuses and accepting them. To achieve your dreams, you have to understand this difference.

Accepting excuses is the same as accepting that you have no say in the outcome of your life. It is admitting that the negative forces in your life will always push you around and have the final word. It is accepting that your life will be defined by your circumstances and what others say about you. This is a tragic surrender because your excuses are the furthest thing from the truth about you or your potential.

There is a far better way to approach your potential excuses. Acknowledge them but refuse to accept them. It is healthy to acknowledge your potential excuses for not pursuing your dreams. Essentially, it is the same thing as acknowledging that your dreams have enemies. More than that, it is calling out your dreams’ enemies by name so they can be defeated specifically and purposefully.

Call out your excuses. Then defeat them day by day.

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