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    Since 2000, Chad Varga has inspired more than 4 million students, educators, parents and leaders across the nation by sharing his own struggles growing up the product of divorce and poverty surrounded by abuse, bullying, and the volatile lifestyle of an alcoholic, drug-addicted mother. The lessons Chad learned as he rose above it all to become a professional basketball player are raw but real. In the end, they offer an unforgettable source of inspiration that compelled leadership expert John C. Maxwell to call Chad one of the top leaders in America.

    Today’s students have more distractions than ever before. They are also hungrier for solutions than they’ve ever been. To engage them you must see them. To inspire them you must be authentic. In this light, Chad Varga has a rare ability to connect with students and compel them to chase their dreams despite their obstacles. His transparency, compassion, and uncommon candor grabs their hearts and challenges them to do and be more. The following comments are just a few of the hundreds he receives from students and educators each time he speaks:

    “In just 45 minutes, you have completely changed my life…” Tameka, 10th Grade.

    “You have inspired me more than anyone or anything ever has…” Alex, 8th Grade.

    “That was the most incredible story I’ve ever heard…. It changed everything about me….” John, 11th Grade.

    “During my 30-plus years in education I’ve never seen an audience as riveted by a speaker….” Principal from PA.

    “I have attended countless assemblies. I must say, I have never been in the presence of a speaker that captivated the attention of everyone in the room like you and your stories did….” Superintendent from IN.

    Chad’s range of topics includes:

    • BOUNCE: Down is Inevitable, Up is a Choice
    • Who You Surround Yourself with Is Who You Become
    • Success Is a Choice
    • Excuses Are a Sign of Weakness
    • Average Is Your Greatest Enemy
    • Be Teachable
    • Hard Work Always Pays Off
    • Get Over the Fear of What Other People Think
    • Learn to Fail Forward

    These lessons and others are illuminated in compelling, story-driven fashion. They are also described in detail in Chad’s celebrated book Bounce: Down Is Inevitable, Up is a Choice, now available with an accompanying Teacher Activity Guide and Student Journal that meet Reading and Language Arts Common Core Standards so that both educators and students can take tangible next steps to elevating their lives to the next level.

    For more information or to bring Chad Varga to your school, please send an email to:info@chadvarga.com or call (877) 432.1725. Chad’s calendar fills up quickly so please contact us soon.