Success Must Be Earned…Continuously

imagesA young man named Matt Elam worked at a sporting goods retailer called The Finish Line. He worked part time because he didn’t have the margin to work 40 hours a week. Why? He was getting ready for his second year as professional football player in the NFL.

Matt Elam was a safety for the Baltimore Ravens. He made $405,000 as a rookie and had the potential to make much more. Some insiders say he has the tools to be a star. Still, he told that he knows football won’t last forever (the average NFL athlete only plays for 3.5 years). Elam ultimately hopes to open his own sporting goods store one day and he believes working for The Finish Line in the offseason will help him learn what it takes to be successful.

What Matt Elam understands is that success is never a given. It must be earned day in and day out with commitment and good choices. All successful people know that what got them there is not what will keep them there. They challenge themselves. They work harder tomorrow than they did today. They fear losing momentum. Like Elam, they remain prepared for whatever comes next. If you’re serious about success, you must take the same approach.

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