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    1. What is the Chad Varga Company?
    2. What services does CVC provide?
    3. How much does it cost to bring in Chad Varga to speak to a group?
    4. Does Chad speak to students in elementary schools?
    5. How long is a typical presentation?
    6. How can we raise money to bring Chad to speak to our school?


    What is the Chad Varga Company?

    The Chad Varga Company (CVC) was founded by Chad Varga in 2000 when he left a lucrative, successful professional basketball career in Europe, at only 25 years old, because he realized his passion to help students achieve their dreams was greater than his passion to shoot a basketball. Today, CVC exists to work alongside administrators, teachers and parents by equipping students with the attitude, character, and drive to overcome all obstacles in their lives and maximize their unique potential. For more than a decade, the results of our efforts have increased student achievement, enhanced parental influence, and reduced bullying, suicide, and dropout rates.

    What services does CVC provide?

    While our primary services are school assemblies, administrator, teacher, staff and parent workshops, and event keynotes, we are always willing to discuss other creative options for a school’s or an organization’s unique circumstances. The goal of all our services is to exceed every expectation. For more information, visit our Programs page HERE.

    How much does it cost to bring Chad Varga in to speak?

    While we are a business with a commitment to empowering as many people as possible, it is our firm belief that people come before profits. We therefore make every effort to work with most budgets. Give us a call at 877-432-1725, or fill out THIS online booking form, and we can begin that conversation.

    Does Chad speak to students in elementary schools?

    Chad’s story details and some of his discussion topics cover themes that elementary students may not yet understand. As is the case, Chad prefers to speak to groups that are no younger than sixth grade. However, he is more than willing to consider unique situations and if necessary make an exception. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 877-432-1725 if you would like us to consider your special request.

    How long is Chad’s presentation?

    While Chad will always tailor his presentation to your group’s needs and goals, a typical speech during which Chad covers his whole story lasts between 45-60 minutes. If Chad is presenting at a school assembly, he prefers to spend 45 minutes speaking and then 15 minutes connecting with the students afterward, as there are always many who approach him after hearing his story. Give us a call and we will be glad to discuss and accommodate whatever timeframe is best for your situation.

    How can we raise money to bring Chad to speak at our school?

    These are several ways in which you can raise financial support to bring Chad to your school. Local businesses, PTA groups, boosters, and local grant writers are always looking for opportunities to support initiatives such as alcohol, drug, bullying, suicide prevention and other character development programs. Please give us a call at 877-432-1725 or email us at booking@chadvarga.com if you need help exploring all your options.